Dettman Jams / Recordings
Dettman Jams / Recordings
Jams & Recordings With Tim Dettman & Kyle Dettman: 2003 - 2006
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With the exception of Kyle's Songs at the bottom and Tim's Garage Band Songs, all recordings are segments of impromptu, random jams, done live either at the studio or at church. I added bass guitar parts afterwards where noted. "Live Jam" drums are just samples from Roland V-Drums; "Live Jam" acoustic guitars are wired right into the mixer using the built in pickup on the acoustic guitar.

For those asking how I get these electric guitar sounds live, the guitars, amps, & cabs/speakers etc. that were used have been noted in each track's comments. The mic used for all of these is a Shure SM57, but it was combined with a large diaphram condensor mic as well on some of the studio tracks.

  #6 - Tim Dettman's Garage Band Songs ©Dec 17, 2011    Top
            Tim built some backing tracks in Garage Band on his iPad... and asked me to add in electric guitar parts for him. My electric guitar parts were recorded in with Studio One v2.

  #5 - Live Studio Jam With The Dettmans - Aug 05, 2006 ©Aug 05, 2006    Top
            I'm playing a 50th Anniv Strat on first 3 and then a custom Les Paul through a Vox AC-30 head, mic'ing a Greenback. I added Bass guitar afterwards except on last 2 tracks.

  #4 - Live Studio Jam With The Dettmans - Aug 20, 2005 ©Aug 20, 2005    Top
            Playing different combinations of the custom LP, 50th Anniv Strat, and Sheraton through either Marshall or Univalve, mic'ing a Greenback. Bass guitar added afterwards on 1-2, 4-5.

  #3 - Live Studio Jam With The Dettmans - May 28, 2005 ©May 28, 2005    Top
            I'm playing the custom Fat Strat on first 2 and then the Sheraton II through a Vox AC-30 head, mic'ing a Greenback. I added Bass guitar afterwards. See Ryan's video of Track #1

  #2 - Impromptu Jam With The Dettmans At Church - May 25, 2003 ©May 25, 2003    Top
            I'm playing the custom Fat Strat into Marshall TSL100 into a custom 1960A cab, mic'ing the Vintage 30 (I think, can't really remember.) I added Bass guitar afterwards.

  #1 - Kyle's Songs ©2003 - 2006    Top
            These are Kyle's songs that I've helped him out with electric guitar, bass, mixing, & production. Remixed songs 2 - 4 in Dec, 2009.

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