Rich McCoy's Studio (2005) Rebuild Photo Gallery

This page depicts the rebuild process. The finished studio photos are here and the latest photos are here.

Day 1 - Let's get rid of all these Cassette Decks, the CD Changer, DAT, MD, etc., etc. and really "gear up" for studio recording!

All guitars/amps are moved off the back wall so that we can paint that half of the room first. This is going to be the easy half.

Chris spackles where needed.

I wipe down the wall just before we start painting back there.

Chris does the detailed work around the seams.

I do the power-roller work...

...and then put Lauren to work.

Day 2 - First half of painting done... Now it's time to move *everything* to the other side of the room. This will be the hard half.

I'm tearing down the audio workstations and one of the servers. This table and some of this wiring hasn't moved since 1997.

Working my way west... towards the corner. The table's out of the way now...

...but things aren't looking up yet. The amount of wires and the complexity are extremely intimidating.

I made this... and I'm going to have to make it again. (This is behind the audio patchbay in the old rack.)

The room's filling up and I realize that I cannot finish tearing down and moving everything out until tomorrow.

Day 3 - Finally have everything out and away from the corner/wall where we need to paint.

The room is essentially full. We have just enough room to paint the other two walls. Tomorrow the new stuff starts arriving.

Looks like we might be offline.

We finish up painting the other half of the room close to midnight.

Day 4 - Now the fun part starts. The new 48 channel/8 bus mixer has arrived and we can start the rebuilding process...

...but first we have to dismantle the old entertainment center. Chris built this herself in 1991. Today, she undoes that.

We had problems building the new mixer desk - 1 broken drawer bottom and 6 missing screws. Guess that's why it was on sale.

Ryan gets put to work building the desk.

Oops. Looks like we've built it upside down and backwards.

"Hmmm... Things are looking up. We might be done in another 2 weeks at this rate."

That's a good feeling! Mixer... on the desk! We'll start tomorrow with building the new rack units.

Day 5 - Good feeling gone. One of the rack units is broken in half.

The other rack unit is built and loaded up. That's easy. Wiring it up is hard.

Day 6 - Lauren (like all of us), is overwhelmed by the mess...

...but helps out by categorizing all the colored patch cables by length and color in the only open space left in the room.

Day 7 - The mess is just amazing. Didn't realize we had that much stuff up here.

I start wiring up the first rack unit. Things get complicated pretty quickly.

It's amazing anything works. Things get so tight in places I can barely squeeze my hand in there to work.

Week 2 - Starting to hook up the mixer now. Lots of I/O with a big mixer means lots of wires.

Things are getting pretty ugly back there... but it's coming together.

Still wating on the replacement 2nd rack, so this is all I can get hooked up. Looks good from the front. Nice and neat.

So while we wait, let's start cleaning up the rest of the room and all the guitar equipment.

Week 3 - Still have a good bit of mess to clean up going in to week 3, but it's getting better. Where is that other rack?!?

Things are shaping up. We have 4 boxes of leftover / spare wires and parts.

The other rack finally shows up on Day 18 or so. It just doesn't matter at this point what day it is. I'm ready to finish up.

That's going to be a tight fit. I've got to get the components in the two racks talking to each other now.

Yep... It's a tight fit. I can barely fit in between the two. I'm sitting on the mess of wires.

Wired up and in place... It's working and it looks pretty good! Very tight fit.

Very, very tight fit. Measure twice. Buy once. We don't have to move to a bigger house.

The mixer is a working out well. I'm very pleased with it. It's got about 1,000 knobs and buttons - taking some time to learn.

Week 4 - Finally done. Everthing's in order and cleaned up. Back to working on the Worship Tracks Project...
and whatever comes after that.

Also added a 20" flat panel display on the right side, and the webcam now has an audio feed. That mic is live to the world. are the guitars, and everything else going through the mixer.

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