Aural Allusions CD
Rich McCoy - Aural Allusions CD
Availability: Apr 05, 2011

It took me just over a year to track this one, working on it from April 2010 until April 2011 in my free time. It has a more ethereal sound than my previous albums, so if you're used to my usual style, this one's a bit different. It is actually more along the lines of what I enjoy listening to myself, but seem to have a hard time finding... I think you'll find that it still sounds like me if you have downloaded my previous albums.

The title of this album comes from the theme of my previous album Waiting For Nothing To Happen - Sounds & songs referring to situations being observed & experienced, making some who put themselves in those positions realize that others are paying attention.

These are all free for the taking. Take them and enjoy them if you like what I'm doing here in my studio. If you think someone else would enjoy these, please refer them here rather than distributing the files yourself.

Thanks for listening. If you'd like more, all my albums are on my Discography page.

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